Ksetrosta — Government

[Updated/anunevagnei 9 August 2020]

President Emerja caught in a pensive moment in an Embassy office. Note unshelved books on left.

The Second Sovermian Republic began with the peaceful abdication of the King in March 2020.

On 7 August 2020, President Emerja was elected to the first presidency of the Second Republic, after serving as president of the interim government, overseeing the Constitutional Convention mandated under the previous Republic of Sovermia Constitution.

The current version of the Sovermian Constitution will always be available here.  The official ratified version will appear soon.

For specific and immediate requests, please contact Information Officer and Presidential Secretary Dalva Inunka by email (sovermia @ gmail DOT com) or via the Contact page.

A Taste of Demarchy

The influence of demarchy pervades Sovermian political thought. Sovermian citizen and political author Michelle Brinser (1944-2018) was a trenchant critic of the anti-democratic tendencies of the modern State. The child of German and Austrian immigrants, she notes, in a now-famous paragraph:

“Too often [mengitmodu], the state or nation as a source of personal identity is an exercise in arbitrary and arrogant exclusivity. As a unit [sarka] of economic activity and mutual benefit it is demonstrably inefficient; as a protector and guarantor of rights to its citizens it is prejudiced and inconsistent; as a realization of high ideals and purposes it is grievously corrupt [skazmu polputei]; and as an agent of the will of its citizens [nomorgukas] it is rigidly bureaucratic and unresponsive. Further, its means of self-perpetuation are themselves self-destructive of its professed goals.” – Demarhja: Tojei Kva? (2002, Roaring Mouse Press) by Michelle Brinser. Translated as Demarchy: What Is It?