Ambasada — The Sovermian Embassy

[Updated/anunevagnei 9 August 2020]

April 2020: Crocuses in rain outside the Embassy


CLOSED — Please note that until Quarantine for Covid-19 is rescinded by the President of Sovermia, we regret that in-person visits to the Republic are prohibited.

Sovermia has enjoyed over two decades of peaceful relations with our larger neighbor, the United States, ever since our founding in 1999. As a result, crossing the border is a simple matter in most cases.

After exiting Government Circle, the traveler passes onto U.S. soil and a north-south paved road. Vermont Interstate 91 is approximately 15 minutes by car to the east.

As a reminder, a friendly wave goes far to maintaining good relations with residents in the area.


As of 14 May 2020, Sovermia has established formal and cordial relations with the Technocratic Republic of Theodia, on the strength of a meeting of delegates at MicroCon 2019 in Ontario, Canada. Requests for diplomatic relations usually follow from the establishment of such a personal connection. Please note that exceptions to this formal policy of the Sovermian government are rare.

Sovermia is pleased to post links to other micronations with an online presence, if in the judgment of the Embassy such nations demonstrate sufficient stability that the link is likely to remain valid and the site shows activity and updates over time. The inclusion of any link does not represent an endorsement by Sovermia or any of its representatives and is for informational purposes only.


Citizenship in the Republic of Sovermia entails both rights and obligations we take seriously. Citizenship for both foreign nationals and natives who have come of age is (1) free and (2) by written application, or alternatively, where possible, by personal interview. Please be sure to review our Constitution before visiting or requesting an application for citizenship.

NOTE: The main portion of an Application for Sovermian Citizenship consists of three to five questions about the Sovermian Constitution. These questions vary from application to application. Your application will be approved if your answers demonstrate a capacity for reflection and an understanding of implication, rather than any single set of “correct” responses. Interested applicants may apply as many times as they wish. Application forms are available in both Devra and English.

Three sample questions:

1. Argue for (or against) something not included in the Sovermian social compact (defined in Article 1.5): “the heart of all social compacts consists of two common-law principles: fulfilling agreements and respecting boundaries defining persons and their property”.

2. Why should citizens “support on others’ behalf those things which we ourselves also wish to enjoy” (Article 2.5)?

3. Name one advantage to the Sovermian practice of “legal redress of grievances in the form of a compensatory contract made between the wronged and wronging parties” (Article 3.8) rather than a fine or imprisonment, as is common in other nations.