Presidential Address of 21 July 2020


The Second Republic of Sovermia
Sovermjei Dvimo-Republika
4 Government Circle, Gelnopolja

hydrangea7Jul20Greetings, fellow citizens of Sovermia. I speak to you on this third Tuesday of July looking out from Government Circle at the hydrangeas pictured here and on the home page of Sovermia Online. Beyond our borders in America, the covid-19 virus continues to spread because of the delayed, ill-informed, politicized and inconsistent policies of the American government. We can hope that promising signs of change, however late in coming, will evolve into more sound policy, and help save lives. Within Sovermia the strict quarantine begun on 9 March continues in effect.

In less than three weeks Sovermia celebrates its 21st year of existence. In America this age is termed adult, but even young Sovermians know that maturity does not automatically arrive with the passing of a given number of years.

It is right and fitting in this time when our discrimination and critical thinking are more needful than ever that I read from LMA, a book many citizens know and love and study with dedication:

With each phase of culture in history, the locks upon our consciousness have changed their form or expression, but in essence remain the same. Certain locks are contrived from willed patterns of suppression, control, propaganda, sexual stereotyping, religious dogma; these combine with and reinforce the old familiar locks restraining individual awareness; laziness, greed, self-interest, and, most pernicious of all, willful ignorance. This last negative quality is the most difficult of all to transform into a positive; if we truly will ourselves to be ignorant, and most of us do in ways ranging from the most trivial to the most appallingly irresponsible and culpable, then the transformation comes only through bitter experience. It may seem to be hardship imposed from without, almost at random, but … tradition suggests that it flows from our own deepest levels of energy, which, denied valid expression by the locks upon our consciousness, find an outlet through exterior cause and effect (LMA, pgs. 20-21).

In this useful admonition we may discern anew the wisdom of our Constitution and its authors in exhorting us to continue learning and to master a variety of means of transformation. May our dedication to the vows of citizenship see us through these challenging times!

Author: adruidway

Writing about spirituality, Druidry, the Green World, imagination, creativity, magic, surprise and inspiration.

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