Presidential Address of 16 June 2020


The Second Republic of Sovermia
Sovermjei Dvimo-Republika
4 Government Circle, Gelnopolja

ornithogalum umbellatum

Sugumnei, Soverjmanas! Welcome indeed, fellow Sovermians! I am speaking to you from the Embassy of the Second Republic, looking out over the pink and red rhododendrons that edge the western lawn outside the Embassy. The common weed Star of Bethlehem (ornithogalum spp) also graces our lawns, which we leave unmowed until we can harvest the wild strawberries that also grow there.

And in many ways these homely botanical details mirror life in Sovermia. So many things grace our lives that we may overlook if we do not take care to fulfill our covenant and Constitution. For it will always be incumbent on us, as we have agreed, to “maintain vigilance toward all government, so that its actions reflect our will, and so that we do not forfeit freedom through negligence” (Article 2:6).

So far we have largely avoided the ruinous divisiveness and destructive ignorance that now plague the United States. Our larger neighbor, once a democracy, stands in grave danger of forfeiting a signal strength — a robust ability to rein in its worst human impulses and encourage its best. For the second agreement undergirding our sovereignty is this: to “seek out wisdom and knowledge, striving to avoid ignorance and folly as excuses for our failings” (Article 2:2). For ignorance and folly now run riot through the thoughts and actions of the leadership, both political and moral, of our once-great neighbor. It is as if too many Americans do not comprehend our third understanding, that “By living in community … where we hope to benefit is a guide to where we likewise have obligations to help to preserve others’ corresponding benefits” (Article 2:1). Forsake that noble obligation, and what remains of nationhood, community, or human solidarity?

In closing, we may hope that the words of our own anthem ring true for the United States as well — that the dawn, a new one, “delays its coming merely”.


Author: adruidway

Writing about spirituality, Druidry, the Green World, imagination, creativity, magic, surprise and inspiration.

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