Presidential Address of 15 May 2020


The Second Republic of Sovermia
Dvimei Sovermjo-Republika
4 Government Circle, Gelnopolja

Sumona, Soverjmanas! Greetings, fellow Sovermians. As I look out from the Embassy on Government Circle here in Sovermia, I can see our mountain ash coming into leaf. Today the air is warm with all the promise that May can bring. One of the challenges we face as spring opens into summer is that our delight in the burgeoning natural world may urge us to relax our vigilance in the face of Covid-19.

Most of you have been following media on all sides of the American political divide, as well as useful perspectives of the foreign press. Because of your desire to stay well-informed, you are as prepared as anyone for the weeks and months and years to come. You know about the scientific information currently available, its limits, and its varied reception by different sectors of America. More than any other nation, Sovermia is deeply engaged for obvious reasons in the still-developing pandemic affecting the United States. We can be grateful to reside in a region where political leadership has made generally prudent policy for Vermont and thus for our immediate borders, as well as the greater northeast region of the United States. Whatever we think of the extra-national and regional responses to the virus, what will matter most going forward are the proven simple measures that greatly reduce risk of both infection and transmission: washing hands regularly, wearing masks, and avoiding clusters of other people.

We need to be prepared for the “long haul” — the dolgei somva that Sovermians know well. I want to commend and celebrate the Sovermian spirit of mutual aid and caring you have already shown each other. Together we shall burnish our national reputation by demonstrating in our actions, not just in words, the Dvei Ortas, the Two Principles that have long guided Sovermians. Sovermja Dolgaivei!


Author: adruidway

Writing about spirituality, Druidry, the Green World, imagination, creativity, magic, surprise and inspiration.

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