Have you lost your country?

In the 2019 Aladdin, Princess Jasmine asks Prince Ali this question.


It’s an excellent inquiry to ask of a prospective ruler. Here’s “Prince Ali”, Aladdin’s wannabe alter ego, setting himself up as a worthy marriage prospect, as a man of experience, a potential co-ruler of Agrabah, and — as Jasmine will shortly come to see for herself — as a person of no mean magic ability. All of it is “pretend”.

Too many micronational leaders fall in love with the sound of a title: “king” or “president” of a nation, even a very small one. All you have to do is log onto Twitter and you can shortly be awash in micronations for every taste — hundred of them. Some leaders even publish polls asking what kind of government they should institute, apparently wholly uninterested in deciding such an centrally important matter themselves. They trade this supreme opportunity to forge a unique national identity for eyeballs on their social media accounts. Their fledgling country lacks both heart and head.

While at first such engagement might seem to invite new citizens — Hey, it’s participatory democracy, but non-citizens only, please! — within weeks or days, new posts reveal it’s all fallen apart. The single despotic and half-formed will that always did lurk behind this newest “mycountry.org” falls into some new flavor of tyranny or anarchy, the poll results are discarded, because they never really mattered anyway, and a week or a month later there’s been a coup, a purge, or some other contrived political drama.

Rather than “losing” a country, some erstwhile leaders never had one in the first place.

[NOTE: Opinions expressed in unsigned posts are the author’s own, and do not necessarily reflect official policies or initiatives of the Sovermian government.]

Author: adruidway

Writing about spirituality, Druidry, the Green World, imagination, creativity, magic, surprise and inspiration.

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